American States


Vintage Rugs

I'M 8.8%

Made In Korea

30 ml

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  • Whitening ingredient is penetrated deep into the dermal layer by MDT
    By the Certified MTD (Macromolecular Transduction Domain), whitening ingredient is penetrated deep into the dermal layer.
  • 8.8% of functional whitening ingredient (4 step whitening process)
    Whitening complex, in mixture of Vitamin C and functional whitening ingredient, are to penetrate concentrated on a darkened skin like freckle, blemish so that a whitened skin tone is recovered in the end.
    1st step - Active ingredient is penetrated by MTD technology.
    2nd step - Effective on refraining melanin growing: Arbutin (3.5%) + tranexamic acid (1%)
    3rd step - Effective on refraining on an activeness of melanin (3.8%)
    4th step - Effective on skin smoothing, whitening - Alpha-bisabolol (0.5%)
  • Contains 60% of Green Tea extract
    Green Tea Water/Green Tea extract is far more excellent than purified water in smoothing skins, contracting loosen pores to make skin vivid elastic. Plus, trustworthy enough formed of EGW green rating ingredients on a sensitive skin.


  • For those who couldn't find the ideal whitening goods so far
  • For those who are suffering from pigmentation, freckles, blemishes and skin trouble
  • For those who are having a dark and murky skin tone