SUNTIQUE launched to Pierrot Shopping Mall!

Hi, this is SUNTIQUE.

Korean version of Don Quixote! SUNTIQUE launched to Pierrot Shopping Mall which has everything!

Pierrot Shopping Mall is a B-class concept store with lots of goods such as stationery, imported confectionery, beauty, household goods and so on.

This is too big to find the products by the staffs. Pierrot Shopping, which has exceeded 110,000 people in 11 days, is about to launch its second store in Dongdaemun Doota Mall in September. SUNTIQUE 8 kinds (Safe, Pure, Tone up, Sports, Repair, Cover, Clear and Hair) are all available. Meet 8 SUNTIQUE products at Pierrot Shopping in Doota Mall. Locaion : Doosan Tower, Jangsoongdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 257 Doosan Tower (Euljiro 6-ga 18 12 Doosan Tower) 2nd basement floors