About Us

We are a woman owned company based in Kuwait. VALA represents passion for Korean cosmetics, specifically 'Suncare'.

Our idea started as an inspiration while living in the desert. Kuwait comes with lots of sun and dust, which can be dangerous and dehydrating. Therefore, we suggest using sun protection daily!



Motivating you towards a healthy facial routine, through great Korean cosmetics, is our mission. We want to raise awareness about sun damage and skin dehydration. 

Sunscreen is the basics of skincare routine, as it prevents UV radiation from sunlight. Everyone can enjoy outdoor hobbies and activate anti-aging effect through our sunscreens.

VALA is keen on bringing Korean technology and knowhow to match every individual skin type and lifestyle.



VALA's vision is bringing more value to the marketplace. We think our products are a must for high quality market demand. 

As fans of K-beauty, we are determined to engage only with Korean high-end and sophisticated products.